The difference between somebody who eats ‘everything’ and someone who can eat ‘anything’ can be literally be explained by the guy in picture


Nom nom nom

and Pica.

Pica is a relatively rare disease characterised by the urge to consume inedible objects. The disease can either manifest in the context of a specific culture or tradition or it can be triggered by a certain chemical imbalance. The etymology of the word ‘pica’ originated from the Latin word ‘magpie’, which represents a species of bird that eats pretty much anything.  It’s often linked with schizophrenia, autism and other mental disorders; as you can imagine it’s potentially extremely dangerous because it can turn result in causing internal bleeding, metal poisoning or cuts in the stomach.


Pins, nails and buttons

To get an idea of how insane and serious this can get…  take a look at the objects extracted from just one patient’s digestive system. These 1,446 items have been put together and constitute a famous piece of art, part of the Glore Psychiatric Museum. That patient must have loved pins!

The demographic at the greatest risk are  women and children. Some of their favourite meals are chalk, glass, hair, rocks and even faeces…

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