Shrinking Penis


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Koro, also known as genital retraction syndrome or shrinking penis is a mental disorder in which patients, both male and female experience a very strong anxiety due to their false belief that their penises or nipples are getting smaller and smaller, fearing that they will eventually retreat completely completely (1).

To rule out the possibility of a genuine disorder that will have the same effect, patients who suffer from Koro need to be diagnosed by a psychologist. This is a culture-specific syndrome and in case you’re not from Southeast Asia you have no reason to worry you will be under stress for no reason… but the possibility your beliefs are fond on real facts might be accurate!




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2 Responses to Shrinking Penis

  1. This is the most awkward disease. And it is really sad. Hopefully, someday, medicine will be so advance that treating psychiatric illnesses won’t be rocket science anymore.I totally like your blog. Keep on writing!
    Also, if you are interested you can check out my blog,is an everyday life guide for a student:

  2. medics999 says:

    Thank you! I sure will, I’m thinking though to take a short break to focus on the exams :-S
    Thank you for the link, your blog is brilliant haha and very very useful!
    make sure you promote it among the freshers in autumn!

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