HIV functional cure

I have no doubt you’ve all heard about this major improvement in the science of medicine, which is indeed a big step that hopefully will provide us with a more elaborate answer.

The way I see this, if it will be proven to be efficient for a long period of time (without the risk of  reoccurrence) doctors should focus their research towards discovering a method that will help detecting the virus immediately after infection. At the moment this can take up to 6 months after the exposure, but in most of the cases people suffering from AIDS realise it even later.

If this will certify as being an accurate solution, then all the time and money invested in finding a cure won’t just go to waste, but as it may turn up, then all the research so far might have been directed to a completely different path.

I happen to know about living with AIDS, as I met some children who suffer from it and every day is a challenge for them, despite the fact that they didn’t do anything wrong, so at least for the future generations, no matter if there’s a cure for it that hasn’t been found yet or if the virus can be really be dealt with when treated with the existing medicine right after infection, I really hope that doctors will find a solution that will save the world from this deadly disease which has ruined so many lives.

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