Aquagenic Urticaria

One of the weirdest medical conditions I’ve read about is being allergic to water. Yeah, that’s right…

While pretty much everybody takes for granted not just the benefits, but the possibility to take a shower, some (very few) people who suffer from aquagenic urticarial can’t say the same. This condition, although slightly different than a normal allergy causes a hypersensitivity to sweat, tears and water. Incredibly weird and hard to believe, you would think… as the human body contains up to 60 per cent water. Apparently, people suffering from it only experience allergic reactions when the water is applied externally. Unlike common allergies, aquagenic urticarial is much worse. The unfortunate ones who have to live with it described as being extremely painful and frustrating.


Allergic reaction after bathing

There is no treatment proven to work, but spending the summer in a cool, dry place and taking very short baths or showers is efficient in avoiding the excruciating pain. I know every disease I talked about so far has been quite weird, but in my opinion this condition surpasses them all. I just cannot imagine living like this, especially after you’re used to using water for the majority of your life (most people aren’t born with it, it’s a condition that strikes down in adolescence).

If you’ve got any questions leave a comment and I will try to answer! Or if you’re interested in finding more about living with it, there’s an interesting and detailed online article in which Ashleigh Morris, a 19 year old teenager who suffers from aquagenic urticaria, describes how she’s dealing with her allergy and the use of water on a daily basis:

Daily Mail- The teenage girl who is allergic to WATER

Have a nice day and enjoy the little things in life a little more 😀

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