Blue Skin Disorder


I’m blue dabadedabade

My boyfriend showed me the other day some pictures of Chelsea’s players for a new ad campaign promoting their blue home kits. As you can see in the picture, they showed their devotion to the football club by allowing them to be painted in the color that represents their team (1). In order to avoid losing some of my many readers, I must say that I do not support any football team, but if that will make me gain ‘popularity’ among Chelsea fans, I think the advert is quite cool.

Well, anyway… to get to the subject, a few people could have easily passed as extremely dedicated Chelsea supporters/players, even without the use of blue paint. How come?

Meet the Fugates, a family from Kentucky, whose members’ skin has been blue for  generations, for more than 150 years (2).


Blue skin Fugates family portrait

The explanation of it it’s quite simple; they suffer from a blood condition called Methemoglobinemia which restricts the distribution of oxygen as it should in the blood vessels, lowering the amount being transported around the body. Therefore, the lack of oxygen turns the blood color blue. This disorder can be inherited or acquired due to the exposure to specific chemicals or drugs. Once the cause is known, it’s pretty easy to treat and to prevent the reoccurrence of it, but in the past this condition seemed like a very peculiar phenomenon.

Another contributing factor that is responsible for causing skin to turn blue is the consumption of a chemical found in the composition of silver. The condition associated with it, Argyria may also cause extreme weight loss, when untreated properly.

To finish this in a slightly creepy, but funny way, I invite to watch a video of the theatrical crew -Blue Man Group  




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