I know this is off topic, but I saw recently on the internet a quote from the Greek philosopher Plato saying that ‘love is a serious mental disease’… I would say this is arguable. One of the cutest and most inspiring love stories I’ve even seen was in ‘Up’ (1) (now I know this is fictional, but I haven’t met many people that could held back from crying after watching it). I do actually believe that that’s the case when genuine love from both sides is put in and of course, care and willingness to make it work and to continue even when it doesn’t seem so great and easy anymore.

To sustain Plato’s argument, I can give the example of Anna Karenina, a memorable character that that had the (bad) luck to fall in love with a younger man, while already being a mother and being married to a man with a high societal position, in an era when adultery or divorce were seen as an  inacceptable sin (2).  I’m not going to spoil the end of novel or movie (whichever you choose to read/watch), but I can only say that as expected, even though her husband was somehow really nice and supportive, she got into a lot of trouble…

Overall I think that even though we’ve got more freedom nowadays to decide for ourselves when to or whom to love, it was valued more in the past, when partners used to build it in time.

infectious love

Infectious love- couple kissing with masks

What do to believe? Is love a disease?

Sources: (1)


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