Progeria adolescent

Everybody hates the effects that ageing has on our body, but when it comes to children racing towards their retirement years (physically, that is) it becomes truly disturbing. There are less than 100 cases of Progeria in the world, a genetic disease that causes the body to age 8 times more than usual. The children born with it live on average 13 years old. I can imagine that for every parent this would be devastating news… but some of these children make the most of it. You can check for yourself the youtube interview with the 14 year old Haley and her mother, who struggle with fighting the disease:

She seems happier and more positive than most of us would be, especially when being raised in this era, being faced with the reactions of others, which I very much doubt that are all altruistic or even polite in some cases.

What drew my attention to this disease was an article I read a few days ago on the Daily Mail’s website about Dean Andrews, a British 20 year old boy who suffers from Progeria (1). article-0-12BD703E000005DC-797_634x380With a loving family and supporting friends, Dean, the second oldest living person who’s affected by it, managed to do more with his life than I can say about myself… Or possibly even more than you can say about yourselves, guys!

I think it’s needless to write more here, when you can check the original article on ‘Britain’s oldest 20-year-old man has the body of a 160-year-old’, which includes an interview as well… I just hope I made you curious enough.

Looking on youtube for interviews (and the comments people provided) with children who suffer from Progeria I wasn’t surprise to see the immaturity and the bad sense of humour that some viewers wanted to share with the rest of the world. I don’t think there is any point in arguing with them, but for future reference, it would be great if you didn’t try to do a Hitler impression.


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